Bostick Timeline

The timeline of the Bostick family. I have started this in the year 1340. The reason being the timeline would be very long, and the records going back past 1200 are questionable. Many of the records of individuals are conflicted depending on the sources.

  • Sir Adam IX Bostock Baron of Bostock in Macclesfield, Cheshire, England. He was knighted at the battle of Nazaret in Spain by the Black Prince, in 1367. Edward III is King.
  • Sir Adam de Bostock, Birth 15 Aug 1363 • Bostock, Cheshire, England He was one of Richard II's bodyguard at the battle of Shrewsbury on 21/7/1403, for which he was knighted in 1386 by Richard II, and later by Henry IV at Bostock.
  • RALPH BOSTOCK 1392–1427 Birth 2 JUN 1392 • Bostock, Davenham, Cheshire, England. He was knighted in France in 1415 when in the retinue of Thomas Beaufort, Duke of Exeter, named in the Agincourt Roll. Ralph saw much active service in the French wars. He is mentioned in 1417, as a knight, having letters of protection "being about to put to sea in the retenue of the king", and he again occurs as having letters of protection in 1419 "on his going to France on the king's service". King Henry V.
  • Sir Adam De Bostock 1412–1475 Birth 22 FEB 1412 • Bostock, Cheshire, England. He was frequently mentioned in documents of his time, in particular on 5 separate occasions. According to the Visitation of Berkshire he was slain at Blore Heath in 1459. became one of the captains of King Richard II elite bodyguard of archers.
  • William Bostock Birth 1459 • Bostock, Cheshire, England. Had 15 illigitimate children. Margaret of Anjou was the Queen of England by marriage to King Henry VI.
  • George Bostock Birth 1505 • Cheshire, England. King Henry VII
  • Robert De Bostock Birth 1535 • Cheshire, England. Death 12 MAR 1583 • Davenham, Cheshire, England. King Henry VIII. 11th great-grandfather. Burial Saint Wilfrid's Churchyard Davenham
  • Arthur Bostick 1559–1632 Birth 18 MAR 1559 • Davenham, Cheshire, England. Death 4 JUL 1632 • Bunbury, Cheshire, England. 10th great-grandfather. Elizabeth 1 was Queen of England
  • William Arthur Bostwick 1603–1680 Birth 22 DEC 1603 • Tarporley, Cheshire, England. Death 10 DEC 1680 • Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA 1st Bostick in America
  • John Bostwick. Birth 18/10/1638 • Tarporley, Cheshire, England. Death 11 DEC 1688 • Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA Born at the same time as our Van Horn family started
  • Joseph Bostwick 1672–1726 Birth 05/11/1672 • Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA. Death 08/04/1726 • New Milford, Litchfield, Connecticut, USA
  • Abraham Bostwick 1702–1776 Birth 05 SEPT 1702 • Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA. Death 02 APR 1776 • New Milford, Litchfield, Connecticut, USA. Queen Annes wars between France and England for control of America
  • Joseph Bostwick 1735–1800 Birth 14/11/1735 • New Milford, Litchfield, Connecticut, USA. Death 1800 • Crown Point, Essex, New York, USA. Married Mary Roberts and Anne Tuttle. 9 kids total. 5th great-grandfather
  • Austin Bostwick 1766–1844 Birth 11 NOVEMBER 1766 • New Milford, Litchfield, Connecticut, USA. Death 5 MAY 1844 • Fairfield, Franklin, Vermont, USA. Married Mary Sturdevant and had 7 kids. Lived when America became America.
  • Samuel Bostick 1795–1799 Birth 10/05/1795 • Fairfield, Franklin, Vermont, USA. Death 05/07/1799 • Shelby, Orleans, New York, USA. Married Laura Burnham, 6 children. 3rd great-grandfather
  • Austin Bostick 1817–1888 Birth 08/08/1817 • Shelby, Orleans, New York, USA. Death 12 AUG 1888 • Saginaw, Saginaw, Michigan, USA. Married 3 times. Our line is from the first wife Sarah Ann Randolph
  • Alonzo A. Bostick 1841–1920 Birth 28 OCT 1841 • Albion, Orleans, New York, USA. Death 12 JAN 1920 • Lapeer, Lapeer Co., Michigan. Married Lucy Thompkins and Florence Beers. 13 Children
  • Andrew Madison Bostick 1876–1941 Birth 4/16/1876 • Hadley, Lapeer Co., Michigan. Death 10 AUG 1941 • Oregon Twp., Lapeer Co., Michigan. Our mothers father. Married Goldie Grace Reed from which we have another very deep rich ancestry.

Quick Facts

  • 179 Matched relatives
  • 25,000 Unmatched relatives
  • 17,476 People in the current tree
  • 2539 Photos
  • 757 4th to 8th Cousins

Our first Ancestors of the 4 families in America

William Read
Birth 1605 • Canterbury, Kent, England
Death 13 JUN 1669 • Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States
8th great grandfather

Matthys Corneliussen(VanHorn)
Birth 1640 • Jutland Denmark
Death 1703 • Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA
7th great grandfather
Matthys lived 382 Years ago

Christian Clay
Birth 1725 • Berlin, Germany
Death 1820 • New Jersey
4th great grandfather

(William) Arthur Bostwick
Birth 22 DEC 1603 • Tarporley, Cheshire, England
Death 10 DEC 1680 • Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA
9th great grandfather