Loose Ends


This page is a collection of things that really dont fit any place else, or are not quite enough to make a story of.

The Hunt Family

We know that Dad's mom was the daughter of George Hunt(b. 1865) and Alice Clay. However, the Hunt line stops at that point. We know nothing of the Hunts, including where they were from. I am going to assume it was England, but as we have no knowledge of them, I cant use them here. The Clay family line stops at 1725. So for the purpose of linage, I use the Hillyer family as Dad's mothers ancestry.

Out of interest here, Amzy Clay's mother's name was Rorick, a family I am working on right now.

Lucy A. Thompson

Until very recently we knew next to nothing about Ms Thompson. A very similar case as the Hunt's family presented.

Lucy Thompson is our great Grandmother, the mother of Mom's father Andrew Bostick. We knew she was born April 29,1842 in New York. She passed away on April 8th, 1893 in Millington after having 10 children.

I had no history of her until I was researching some census documents and came across her fathers name. I entered that into Ancestry and that got me her mothers name. Her father was Sherman Bradley Thompson, and her mother was Sarah Ann (Unknown). Her grandfather was John Thompson 1778 - 1850. Her mother and father both come from Windham Vermont. Her Thompson grandfather was from New Hampshire. Lucy's Grandmother was Lavina W Pierce. She was from Vermont. Lavina's father(Lucys Great Grandfather) was Sherman Pierce, born 1770 in Connecticutt, and died in 1854.

Henry Michael Clay
Henry’s cremated remains were never taken after his death and are still available at the Oregon State Hospital to be claimed by anyone who is related. More information is available at http://www.oregon.gov/oha/amh/osh/pages/cremains.aspx A book by David Maisel and a documentary by Ondi Timoner & Robert James, both entitled "Library of Dust" also provide more information. 2nd Great Uncle VanHorn side. Died 1948
Sgt Jonathon Cummings Sholes

Our 2nd Great Uncle who died at Gettysburg on the 3rd day of the battle, was commanded by none other than the youngest general in the army, George Armstrong Custer.

Alonzo Prestage
Alonzo Prestage was baptized a member of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on 16 May 1887 at Deerfield, Lapier, Michigan, by J. A. Carpenter. He was ordained a deacon on 5 August 1888 by Andrew Barr. He attended the Five Lakes, Michigan Branch.
Robert "The Smythe" Pease
1485 - 1547, 13th great-grandfather. Robert lived through these historical events:
  • 1483-1485: Reign of King Richard III (York)
  • 1485-1509: Reign of King Henry VII (Tudor)
  • 1492: Columbus discovers the New World (age 7)
  • 1509-1547: Reign of King Henry VIII (Tudor) and his 6 wives
  • 1513: Henry VIII invaded France
  • 1513: Scotland's James IV invaded England but were defeated.
  • 1522: Magellan circumnavigates the world
  • 1533: Henry VIII married Anne Boleyn and broke from the Catholic Church. Parliament passed the First Act of Secession and all adults in the kingdom had to agree to it by an oath or face imprisonment for life. Several were beheaded. The Church of England did not give freedom to the Protestant Reformers. Robert Pease was abt 48.
  • 1547: Robert Pease died the year Henry VIII died.
Lapeer Days
Alonzo A Bostick. 1841 - 1920, great-grandfather
On Aug. 28, 1901, Alonzo A. Bostick and his son Austin celebrated the grand opening of Bostick Stove Works in Lapeer. Neither Alonzo nor his son could have foreseen the legacy they bestowed on our community. The simple grand opening celebration inspired the idea of a community festival held for the first time the following year. The Lapeer Days Festival was born. From simple beginning’s it has grown over the years to become the county’s largest festival and Michigan’s largest FREE festival!
John "The Clothier" Pease
1540 - 1616, 11th great-grandfather
He lived during tumultuous times in England.
  • He lived through the reigns of Henry VIII, Edward VI, (Bloody) Mary I, Elizabeth I (he was age 18-63), and James I.
  • He was 71 in 1611 when the King James Bible was published.
  • He was 72 in 1612 when the last burning of heretics in England was recorded.
Petrus(Peter) Westfall

Petrus(Peter) was born to Nicholas Westfall and Sara Van Auken. He wed Arriantje Rosenkranz in the Minisink Church New Jersey on August 25, 1754. They lived in Montague and had one child:

Abraham on November 18, 1755

Peter was killed by Indians during the French and Indian War in July 1756. Peter's child Abraham lived to become a captain in the New York militia during the Revolutionary War. He moved to Washington County, Pennsylvania in 1797, then Columbiana County, Ohio in 1817. Abraham died in Carroll County, Ohio on September 5, 1829.

Petrus is buried in an unmarked grave at the Minisink Church, which was established by the Kingston Reformed Dutch Church in 1741. It is now part of the Delaware River Water National Park and only a few grave stones remain.

Sir William Browne - .Graduate of Cambridge University Approx. 1580
Anthony Stoddard(1559 - 1637) - Oxford University
Daniel Greenleaf Sr. graduated Harvard 1699. Became a doctor then a minister. 2nd cousin 9x removed
Sergeant Thomas Reed d.1719
Sgt. Jonathon Cummings Sholes d. July 3, 1863 Gettysburg. 7th Michigan Infantry Company G. Buried in the Gettysburg National Cemetary Section C, Grave #5. Michigan lot. Enlistment Date Aug 13, 1861. Enlisted from Lapeer Michigan. Died in Picketts Charge
Daniel Reed Jr. Washington Co NY 73 d. 1840 Connecticut
Thomas Stoddard(1744 - 1814). Private. Revolutionary War Cayuga Co NY 41 1775
Elisha Stoddard(1750 - 1788). Corporal. Continental Troops, Connecticut. French and Indian War
Wolston Brockway.French and Indian War, 1755-62. 2nd Regiment Connecticut. Bellows Company.8th great-grandfather.
Harlan J. Sholes 1942 - Dec 15 1945 WW2. Aviation Cadet. Michigan Army Sergeant Air Corps
Col Ebenezer Condict. Continental Army, died from smallpox in service. 1735-1777
Alonzo Prestage - Enlisted in Company C, Michigan 10th Cavalry Regiment on 23 Oct 1863.Promoted to Full Sergeant on Sep 1 1865.Mustered out on 11 Nov 1865 at Memphis, TN. 2nd Great Uncle
Lt. Levi Van Auken, Albany NY. Albany Co NY 75, Revolutionary War
Lafayette Reed 10th Michigan Infantry Company F Killed 1 Sep 1864 Jonesboro Georgia
Hiram A Reed 9th New York Company K Artillery. Killed 9 June 1864 Cold Harbor Virginia. Brother to lafayette
Cornelius Van Horn 16th Reg. Mich. Vol. Inf Company H